Welcome, during this time of crisis, we are here to pray for you and your loved ones. Simply reach out to us. We are never alone and with God's help will get through. We wish you and your family good health and prosperity!

Caring Place Videos

New Creation in Christ!

The Prodigal Son!

Blessed is the Man who Trusts in the Lord!!

He who has begun a work in YOU!!

Every Word of God is Pure!

The Lord is MY Shepherd!

Our Resurrected Savior!

God is Love!

Abide in Me!

New Creations In Christ!!

Forgive as the Father has!

Welcome 2021

Merry Christmas #2

Merry Christmas #1!

He Loved Us First!

Thankfulness Part 2

Thankfulness Part 1

Holiness and Remission of Sins

The Prodigal Son

Attributes of God

Separated Unto God!

Who I am in Christ part 2

Caring Place Teaching 9/23/20

Who I am in Christ part 1

BOC Teaching 9/2/20

Spiritual Warfare!

Reaping and sowing!

Greater is He that is in You!

Jesus the Anointed One!

BOC Teaching 7/22/20

Prayer - Part 2

Prayer - Communication with God!

BOC Teaching 7/01/20

BOC Teaching 6/24/20

BOC Teaching 6/10/20

BOC Teaching 5/20/20

BOC Teaching 5/13/20