About Robert J Negron

Hi, my name is Robert (Bob) Negron and am a member of the Miramar / Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce. Recently I received a Pinnacle Award for service within the community. I look forward to helping you grow your business using proven leadership principles taught by John C. Maxwell. Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Is there an issue that you've been dealing with that you haven't been able to find a solution for? Do you know that your team isn't communicating in the manner it should or having trouble prioritizing your schedule? In addition to my personal experiences in leadership, as a certified speaker and coach with the John Maxwell Team I have a wealth of resources that can help in many different aspects of leadership. In 2015 I received my certification from the John Maxwell Team (JMT) and currently facilitate mastermind groups and workshops covering areas such as intentionality, learning from experiences, connected communication and many others. Using solid business principles we get results as my experiences have given me a broad understanding of challenges many businesses face every day. I believe that building a team of professionals takes the right tools, technology and wisdom and sets great organizations apart.
My focus has, and always will be, to help people grow into leaders for the next generation. If that interests you, contact me for a short 30 minute one-on-one to see how we can work together!


  • I was nervous at first as this was my first experience with a mastermind group. I was immediately put at ease as the group interactions were very professional and everyone had an opportunity to share their life experiences when it comes to connecting through communication. Incorporating Christianity was an added bonus.   I appreciated the opportunity to participate and am looking forward to the next mastermind group and book discussion.     Donna T. 
  •  Robert Negron is an amazing facilitator, guiding you to discover the practical ways John C. Maxwell has laid out to truly connect with others.   Stop hoping you’ve connected with other’s and begin taking action towards transforming your communication into meaningful connections that will help you in your personal and professional relationships alike.     Submitted by Josh G. 
  • Thank you for the chance to be a part of this wonderful mastermind group! I had a great time learning about the way I can make more meaningful connections in my daily life. I would not have gained even half of the knowledge reading this book on my own, in comparison to the studying and analyzing we did as a group. Highly recommended!  James P.               ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************* With this being my fourth Mastermind with Christ Centered Leadership,  I can only say it gets better and better! The learning is compounded with the conversations that take place, and the workbook is easy to follow along and reinforces the topics we read about. I will keep coming back for more!  James P.   4/2022 
  • I want to express my deepest appreciation for the Change Leadership workshops you facilitated for our management team.  We received many positive responses and testimonies on how the content of each workshop changed the way they think about their leadership role.  We look forward to having another set of workshops in 2021.   Luis A. 
  • As a senior student in the Becoming A Person of Influence mastermind group, there was a lot of holding back on my part in life.  After studying and sharing in class, my internal growth took off and my outward expression now reveals the woman of influence I truly am.     Linda  N
  • It was a great experience to be part of this group.  Thank you for your dedication to coach others.  Jackie
  • Arthur
    As we experience things that we perceive as a loss or failure, it is our perspective that can flip the situation into our favor.  This mastermind group has helped me see that.
  • Pierre
    The mastermind group was very helpful in helping me to better prepare to communicate effectively.  Using the golden rule and examples of our lives are good connectors.  Pierre P. 
  • Jose
    Connecting with others take a skill that can be developed with practice and training in groups like this.  Thank you Robert Negron for being a good leader and mentor to all of us.  Jose A. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the duration of a mastermind group?
Mastermind groups are usually run 90 minutes and can go for approximately 6 - 10 weeks.
2What time do they start?
Evening Mastermind groups start at 7:00 PM. Daytime mastermind groups depend on the audience
3What can I look to gain from a mastermind group?
Mastermind groups allow people with a common goal to come together to learn and grow in a given area. The foundation of the mastermind group is usually one of John Maxwell’s leadership / personal growth books. Each week there are exercises and a workbook guides us through the discussion of a variety of topics which are all meant to help us grow personally and professionally. What sets mastermind groups apart is the ability to learn from others. The interaction that takes place can bring new insight as well as help each participant to side-step mistakes with a new awareness. A main focus of mastermind groups focuses on improving the way we treat our customers and those on our team.
4What is my investment in the group?
There is a monetary cost to participating in each mastermind group. This helps cover the cost of materials, snacks at each meeting and the wisdom the leader brings to each session. In addition, each person’s attendance and input is requested. To achieve maximum personal and professional growth sharing of experiences and new insights is extremely valuable.
5Can I be assured what is shared won’t be shared outside the group?
At the start of every mastermind group there are certain guidelines that are provided to each participant. Confidentiality is one of the most important. If a member of the group is found to have broken this trust they will be given one warning. If it occurs again they will be asked to leave the group.
6What if I can’t make every session?
This is a common issue for many as our schedules get full. We are very flexible and have no demands on attendance. However, each person must realize that by attending there is a unique synergy that facilitates learning so if the person cannot attend they will be missing out on valuable insights. Each person must make those decisions for himself as there are times that emergencies may occur.